A funny prank call I did a few days back. My brother told me to pretend to be a drug dealer and so I did. My brother said "The Drug Dealer Scheme" right before the prank, so we just went with the name, ha. Lemme know what you think!

Also, we have a couple more prank calls from the same session, lemme know if you think I should upload them!

Music, it's kinda my thing

2011-10-31 07:40:18 by joeEFFINGmayo

I'm not exactly sure why I've created a Newgrounds profile to be honest. I'm a writer, sort of, and I write about unsigned music acts all around the USA and Canada. I'm not famous, but I have a nice chunk of an audience.

This is Uncharted, my music blog.

I may or may not find a use for this profile, but we'll find out soon enough, or never again based on when this is being read.

If you represent an up-and-coming unsigned band in the USA or CA, feel free to shoot me an email about getting a feature on the blog!

My blog email

Music, it's kinda my thing